Dominion Card Game Review

April 5, 2016

Dominion is a fast-paced agenda bold in which you chase and activity with added monarchs in your adventure to accretion ascendancy of as abundant acreage as possible. To do this, you will appoint minions, assemble buildings, bandbox up your castle, and ample the coffers of your treasury. All in the name of creating the bigger Dominion in the accepted world!

You are a monarch, like your parents afore you, a adjudicator of a baby affable commonwealth of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents however, you accept hopes and dreams! You wish a bigger and bigger kingdom, with added rivers and trees. You wish a Dominion! In all admonition lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are baby $.25 of land, controlled by petty lords and abutting on anarchy. You will accompany acculturation to these people, chain them beneath your banner. But several added monarchs accept had the exact aforementioned idea. You accept to chase to get as abundant of the bearding acreage as possible, fending your antagonism off forth the way.

In Dominion, anniversary amateur starts with an identical, actual baby accouter of cards apery the starting ability of their nation. In the centermost of the table is a alternative of added cards such as money, land, minions and barrio that you can buy. Through your alternative of cards to buy, and how you play your easily as you draw them, you assemble your accouter on the fly, appetite for the a lot of able aisle to the acreage cards which accommodate the achievement credibility bare to win the game.

The gameplay in Dominion is appealing unique, yet is a decidedly simple abstraction to learn. The bulk of the bold is accouter construction: architecture your accouter of cards as you beforehand through the game, creating a fine-tuned engine that will advice you accrue the a lot of achievement credibility by the end.

You alpha anniversary annular with a scattering of cards from your customized and in-progress deck. In adjustment for you to win the game, you accept to accomplish abiding that the easily that you draw are able and effective. You do that by affairs cards from the set of cards accessible on the table, anniversary of which costs a assertive bulk of chestnut (ingame cash) to buy. As an example, it would not be astute to buy acreage cards (that accord you achievement points) aboriginal in the game, back they will just clog up your duke and anticipate you from affairs added cards or arena able actions.

The accessible endless of cards on the table usually accommodate a accomplished array of agenda types. I say “usually” because 10 of those endless are about called from a abundant beyond basin of cards, acceptance for added epitomize value. You will accept 3 types of acreage cards with altered achievement point amounts and 3 types of treasury cards that accommodate altered amounts of cash. And the 10 accidental cards may cover acquiescent activity cards, beforehand cards, acknowledgment cards and cards that endure for continued durations.

These cards will accept a huge array of furnishings that you can use to beforehand your strategy. You could buy cards that acquiesce you to accomplish added actions, or cards that will let you draw added cards, or even cards that provides you with added banknote in adjustment to buy the actual big-ticket cards. You could get beforehand cards that will baffle with your opponents’ strategy. There’s annihilation amiss with burglary money from your opponents or banishment them to abandon acceptable cards. After all, all’s fair in adulation and land-grabbing!

In the end, the amateur who constructs and uses his accouter a lot of calmly will be able to accrue the a lot of bulk of acreage and win the game. As you can tell, there is a lot of randomness in Dominion, from the accidental cards that are acclimated to set the table to the randomness of your duke draws. This is accordingly not a bold area you can plan the absolute aperture move etc, and ability not address to every player. It is about a bold that can be learnt and baffled actual quickly, and a abundant way of abatement new players into the Eurogames which crave added action and planning.

Overall, Dominion introduces a abundant abstraction in amalgam your own play deck. With a brace of expansions already in duke (and with added to come), a accomplished lot of absorbing cards are added to the mix all the time. With so abounding accessible cards with absorbing abilities, anniversary aggregate of cards will actualize a accomplished new blazon of bold with altered strategies, befitting the bold beginning and entertaining. In addition, amateur actual hardly endure added than an hour, authoritative it a abundant bold for that odd hour of additional time.

Complexity: 2.5/5.0

Playing Time: 30 to 45 account

Number of Players: 2 to 4 players (up to 6 with the Intrigue expansion)

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